Hort Services

List of Services Available, by appointment only:

  • Horticultural Consulting or Landscape Quality Inspection……$75.00 hr, a minimum of 1/2 hour required, afterwards charged by the 1/2 hour intervals.

Our consulting service is designed to help anyone with a project, difficult problem, or would like to have a hands on instruction.

Landscape Quality Inspections are for homeowners and businesses, who may or may not contract companies to install or maintain their gardens and landscapes. It is simple periodical check up, which includes irrigation system testing. It can be done on a weekly basis or at higher intervals. It is highly recommend for businesses to be done quarterly at a minimum.

Both of these services can be complemented with a written report.

  • Landscape Management Plans……varies on the size of the parcel

We develop a landscape management plan for the parcel. It is a guide for maintaining a parcel throughout the course of an year. This helps individuals who maintain their own parcels to have a quick available resource to helping them understand and know what to look for to keep a beautiful garden in tip top shape. This service is also available to property owners of commercial and industry sites. The benefit for them is the ability to know what should been done, when it should be done, and gives them a top end quote prices, so they can shop services for other companies. They can also use this plan as part of their bidding process when choosing between contractors. In limited cases, we will do this for other competitors as a way to mitigate or visualize a reasonable grounds for them and their customers to have a more enriched understanding of the garden, extremely rare occasions only.

  • Landscape Design…(whole parcel design, 1 acre of less)….$850.00 with a plat provided, $950.00 without a plat provided. 50% of payment is due as the deposit, final 50% is due when the final design is presented to the customer. All designs are hand drawn in black and white, color final design are available for an additional cost of $500. Design package includes, final design, information board, irrigation design (if applicable) and digital scans.

Our design process starts with the customer filling out a questionnaire and an on-site interview. We will return to do a site analysis and inventory existing material after we have contacted 811 (Utility location and marking service) and they have “located” your utilities. We will construct a base map and begin the process of layering information into it. We will develop a preliminary design which will be presented to the home owner for review. Pre-lim designs graphically are of low quality, yet they are functional to help the homeowner begin to see a transformation. After all changes to the Pre-Lim have been approved by the customer, we will begin the final design process. Once the final design is finished and the design package is ready, we notify the customer to meet for the presentation.

If the area is small or just a part of an existing garden/landscape, our prices can be scaled back based on portions. It is determined on a case by case basis. Parcels above an acre in size have prices scaled up portional as well.

  • Garden Estate Services…….price varies based on services

We offer a full maintenance program for clients. From regular routine lawn mowing and edging to complete management of the parcel, we can customize a program to fit your needs.

  • Irrigation system Design, Installation, Troubleshooting, and Repair……$75-$150 an hour (based on amount of labor required) plus materials cost if warranted.

We have all your irrigation needs covered, from micro and mist all the way up to large scale farm applications. Backflow installation varies based on ordinances, which affects the cost depending on location. Currently, we do not test backflow systems, yet we will in the future. We have friends that do and we have you covered.

  • Soil testing…..$85 and up (depending on the number of samples and labs used), $85 dollars is the basic service for one sample to one lab. $170 is the cost for advance service of one sample to two different labs, (different testing methods and more information is acquired). Parcels under 3/4 acres is a threshold for one sample, parcels above that require an addition sample per 3/4 acres above and beyond (this primarily applies to lawns and to food crops).

Soil testing services can be conducted for a number of different areas of a parcel. It can be used as an analytic tool to help diagnose a fertility problem or used for planning purposes for a fertilizer regime in the future. Whatever the need for testing, we will come and remove 8 inch soil cores, build a composite sample, send off the sample, and provide you with a written analysis along with our recommendations which are based around our program FertCal.

We do not do a single sample for a whole parcel, if there is multiple different plants grown on it. If the desire is to have the lawn, shrubs, tree, and flowers tested, the price increases per extra sample by $40.00. (An example would be Mr and Mrs X want their lawn, flowers, and trees soil tested. The total price would be $125, as the $85 cover one sample, but the two other samples were collected as well in the same trip.) Foliar analysis and other tests (nematode, pathology, bulk density, and so forth) can be conducted as well, prices vary.

  • Fertilization services……varies depending on the plants to be fertilized and if a soil test was conducted before. Without a soils test, we rely on reputable published information, FertCal program, and previous experience.

Our fertilization service can fulfill the needs of any plant or plantings you desired. Our programs are custom as well as fertilizer blends. There never has been a one size fits all program for plants. Liquid, granular, or a combination are available. Plant nutrition is one of our specialities with our information library being very vast and many years of experience. We can develop and apply the right formulation for any fertilizer regime.

From home owners, contractors, and businesses, to other horticulture industry professionals, we are here to help you. We are licensed and insured.

“Grow Forward”