Hortfire is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) located in Charleston, SC that conducts horticultural consulting, garden and irrigation services, and research for consumers, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

There is a growing trend to conduct our lives in both a fiscal and environmental conscious manner. The health of the environment that surrounds us has a direct effect on our individual health. Supporting and reinforcing this idea is the company’s future as we look to utilizing ecosystem based decision making in conjunction with best management practices for our customers.

The seed of Hortfire was planted in the Fall of 2002 within Mauldin Hall dormitory at Clemson University. The name arises from an entrepreneurial project which would promote horticultural education in the digital age. The goal of the project was to,”spread horticultural information like wildfire,” and the name Hortfire was created. The project abruptly stopped because a highly respected professor at a different institution released a similar project.  The email address and name remained, it even became a nickname for the founder of the company, which a select few still call him by it.

After Clemson, while working at the only tea plantation in the United States several other side projects were completed in the founder’s free time, IrrCal (Irrigation Calculator) and FertCal (Fertilizer Calculator). These two programs became valuable tools as their impact are still being used today. The most recent program to be added to the portfolio is PCal (Pricing Calculator) which gives a price for a project based on spatial dimensions and the nature of the work. Even today, all of these programs are being used to address the needs of our customers.

As we look to future, we want to cultivate longlasting relationships with consumers through personalized service and high quality products. As the challenges change daily, the results will always remain the same, success. When we present our price for a project, it is always for the lowest amount possible. The volume of success is what keeps us operating and we never want to waste a customer’s time.

We have yet to meet a true competitor that can offer an apples to apples comparison of services or products. What separates us is the ability to achieve the highest return for every dollar invested for our customers. We are very proud of this ability, yet it is why we wake up, put our thinking caps on, and put our nose to grindstone everyday.

So please step inside and take a look, we have something for everyone, but most importantly we want you to, “Grow Forward!”