Marketing and Promotion:

Karst Promo


M.L. Irrigation


Carolina Eastern Outdoors (Division of Carolina Eastern Molony Co.)

Other Horticulture Supplies:

Hyams Garden Center

Possum’s Pest Control

Plant Nurseries:

South Carolina

Nurseries Caroliniana


Tsubuki Tea Plants

Gene’s Nursery

Brand Plant Companies:

Garden Debut

Horticulture Education by Plantsmen, Plantswomen, Herbalists, Horticulturists, and others who are strong in the botanical force:

Jenks Farmer (Jedi-Knight Plantsmen)

Steph Zabel (Sorceress of Health and Beauty, founder of Flowerfolk)

Horticulture Education Public Institutions:

Clemson Horticulture Program

Trident Technical College Horticulture Technology Program