Our Founder

Hortfire LLC was founded by Joshua Giordano-Silliman.

Joshua was born in Charleston, South Carolina and grew up in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. He also spent a lot of his childhood on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina at his grandparent’s house. Since a very young age he has had his hands in the earth, land and sea. His father was a commercial fisherman turn private estate gardener in the Charleston area, after he knew Joshua was coming into the world. He was taught at a young age that hard work and persistance pays off, while being cheap only makes things more expensive later, and that with your heart as your guide there is nothing you cannot accomplish.

He is graduate of Wando High School Class of 1997. He became a Certified Nurseryman in 1999 through the South Carolina Nursery and Landscape Association. In the Summer of 2001, he acquired an Associates of Agriculture in Horticulture Technology from Trident Technical College. Later he acquired a Bachelor’s of Science of Horticulture from Clemson University in 2004.

From childhood to adulthood, he has consistently worked within the horticulture industry, except for one period of time, Fall 2006 to Spring 2011. During that time he wanted to diversify his skills, so he sold fishing tackle for a retail business, worked in politics, and commercially fished on a pelagic longline boat targeting swordfish, dolphinfish, wahoo, and tuna.

He has also volunteered and was a research contractor for the South Carolina Seafood Alliance (SCSA). His research project for SCSA was related to fisheries management of the first Individual Transfer Quota (ITQ) fishery in the United States, Wreckfish. His work helped open a door for a quote holding fishermen to sue in federal court, the fishermen won.

Currently, he operates Hortfire LLC and when he is not working, he likes to relax in his free time by fishing, practicing horticulture, cooking, smoking various meats, and works on new plant introductions for the horticulture industry. He is also in the process of starting up a secondary business of tea production under the brand name, “Carolina Cup,” when time is available.